Shanghai next year on 3000 electric vehicle logistics New energy vehicles continue to Shanghai card free of charge

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On November 12, Shanghai business committee, the municipal committee, meeting the high pollution of freight car and advance will "green logistics development, to promote the source of governance, shen will improve the freight vehicle admittance threshold, from January 1 next year, the four emissions standards the following freight vehicles, will no longer extend the city pass.Signed third party distribution freight car four or more must achieve the emission standards, or choose new energy freight car.
It is understood that electronic business turnover of 1.3549 trillion yuan, 2014 Shanghai distribution logistics service system has become a key link in the process of development of modern circulation industry.However, freight car emission standard is not high, in the city of the three and under low emission vehicle is higher.According to the environmental protection department estimates, 2014 freight cars in the city of nox emissions of 57000 tons, accounting for 66% of the motor vehicle emissions, particulate emissions of 05000 tons, accounting for 77% of the city's motor vehicle emissions.
The meeting disclosed that the city will adopt a series of measures to accelerate the development of green logistics: one is to strengthen governance.From January 1, 2016, require signing of third party distribution freight car four or more must achieve the emission standards, or choose new energy freight car;2 it is in the relative resources agglomeration, the foundation of the construction of more perfect city fast consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and fresh food and other fields, to carry out joint distribution, encourage conditional key logistics enterprises to establish a cooperative relationship.Three is to improve urban freight car pass distribution standard, moderately improve key city distribution logistics enterprise central city freight pass a grant, guide urban distribution logistics enterprises use accord with environmental protection standard of delivery vehicles.
From January 1, 2016, city public security traffic administration will check freight car pass of freight car emission standards, urban freight car passes only for emissions to reach the standard of freight car four or more, do not conform to the requirements of urban vehicles will not be able to apply for freight car pass.Four is to speed up the promotion of new energy vehicle logistics application, further strengthen the new energy vehicle logistics delivery, right of way to give new energy vehicle logistics city, the initial plan to develop 3000 new energy vehicle logistics.
Green transport in addition to want to rely on public transport, but also depends on the changing structure of the car, promote new energy vehicles use accounted for.It is understood that at present the use of new energy vehicles in Shanghai has been ranked first in the country.Sun jianping, director of the Shanghai municipal committee, according to new energy vehicles such as free Shanghai brand policy next year will continue, even a new supporting policies, specific content is still in research.


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