Toyota set up a $111 million fund to promote hydrogen technology

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The world's biggest carmaker Toyota company yesterday announced the establishment of a 13.5 billion yen ($111 million) investment funds, used for promoting the research the development of advanced automation technology start-ups.The fund is the Toyota and two financial institutions: sumitomo mitsui banking and asset management group Sparx established cooperation.The fund was named "create investment limited partnership fund future".
According to kyodo news, Toyota has paid $82.3 million, sumitomo mitsui to spend $27.2 million m, while Sparx paid $1.6 million.Sparx group will act as the fund's general partners.
Toyota said in their release, their investment areas such as artificial intelligence, robot, and "related to the production, supply and use of hydrogen energy technologies".Although the company did not refer directly to the automatic driving, but the robot of artificial intelligence and are related to self-driving cars core technology.
Toyota prius through their original first into the hybrid market, but the automaker is now in the field of pure cars has fallen behind its competitors at home and abroad.In the field of automatic driving a car, they may also want to lag behind.
In this year's Tokyo motor show, Toyota unveiled their latest car "in the future (Mirai)" and a named FCV Plus ultra modern hydrogen cars.Obviously, the company that hydrogen fuel cell is the future green cars in the field of "next big thing".Toyota has repeatedly said publicly that the current battery technology is not a single provide enough mileage, and their "energy density" is not enough, a car can only put so many batteries, also can have so much power.


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