Strong in the third quarter growth

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The postal industry, according to the operation of the published by the state post office 1 to September this year the national service enterprise business throughput reach 13.7 billion pieces, up 46% from a year earlier, to an all-time high.Courier companies for dedicated increasing demand of new energy vehicle logistics, express delivery enterprises will become the main new energy vehicle logistics market.In addition, the central and local levels subsidies (i.e., in accordance with the battery capacity subsidies of 1800 yuan per kilowatt-hour, subsidies amount does not exceed 147600 yuan per car.)Also further to detonate the development of new energy vehicle logistics market.
According to the first electric institute statistics show that 2015 years ago in the pure electric vehicle logistics cumulative production of 7225 units, compared with the first half of the output of 2536 cars, only in the third quarter production reached 4689, close to the production of the first half of the nearly 2 times.
From monthly production trends among them, in April this year before production to maintain below 350 vehicles, from may start to appear obvious rising trend, near thousand vehicles in June, after a small step back in July stability, production to break the 10 vehicles in August, September show a strong momentum, rose 103% net increment (1297), a monthly production high, up to 2556, total than before September production of nearly three.
Overall, September 1 to the number of car companies have production total of 37, including nanjing jinlong, suzhou jinlong, xiamen jinlong, byd, such as buses, passenger car companies.New energy vehicle logistics models covered up to hundred.
Automakers look at specific points, of which more than hundreds of car enterprise production 15, cumulative production of 6735 units, accounted for 93% of the total output, only 4 into a car number nine into logistics car production enterprises, the concentration is higher.Which chongqing rui chi with larger advantage alone at the top (second leading 758), the macro car came in second, wuhu treasure thestrals, chongqing lifan, followed by the third and fourth.
In addition, most notably the number six months into kuo auto car companies in the field of logistics vehicles, only 4 months time cumulative production and pushed into second place in the field of the whole logistics, production of 791 cars, second only to chongqing rui chi.Its logistics vehicles, a total of four models.
Kuo auto co., LTD. (former tianjin wu feng tai automobile refitting co., LTD.) was established in 2004, the registered capital of 139 million yuan, is by the national development and reform commission (NDRC) production of special vehicles in the announcement on examination and approval of the state enterprise, is the only two in tianjin has a new energy vehicle production qualification of one of the enterprises.Is the collection research and development of new energy vehicles, production, sales and service in a body's comprehensive group company.Some of its products has entered the miit announcement directory, new energy products contain pure electric vehicles, mail car, sprinkler, sanitation truck, oil tank truck, semi-trailer, CangShan vehicles, special vehicles, etc.
On August 19, the macro automobile electric van logistics car licence, succeed in Beijing in order to further expand the market laid a solid foundation;In early September, the first batch of 19 countries macro new energy car to complete the delivery and will be put into ningxia helan affairs service co., LTD. Of the people's livelihood and national macro jinqiao electronic commerce co., LTD.In addition, the macro car also strengthen cooperation with beijing-tianjin-hebei, express company, has been with yuantong, everyday, forever huitong, JiaJi and guotong many Courier companies, as well as spring and tianjin local logistics enterprises to achieve strategic cooperation, to complete the post express this year field of new energy automobile application task laid a solid foundation.
Leads to 1549 cumulative production of chongqing rui chi, occupying 20% of the total production of the pure electric vehicle logistics.Look from monthly production distribution, from march to August production remain above hundred vehicles, performance, less volatile until September, yield jumped to nearly 600, sequential incremental 443, become a monthly production is high.
Founded in 2003 in chongqing rui chi is mainly engaged in pure electric commercial automobile research and development, manufacturing, sales, service and other business, solve the problem of short, such as distribution, logistics, express delivery.Had won a pure electric vehicle production qualification of the enterprise, the rich, there are mainly EK05, EK05A, EV25A, EC35 four big series of products, sold to major popularizing operation of new energy vehicles in China cities (Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, chongqing, shenzhen, etc.).The purchase price is in 46900-68900 yuan between, according to the purchased cars, can enjoy double subsidy amount of national and local.

Cumulative production, there are two models: CRC5021XXY LBEV, CRC5022XXY LBEV production of 527 and 396 respectively, the total about 60% of the rich production.Including CRC5022XXY - LBEV models mainly carry is the lithium iron phosphate battery, working conditions range of 125 km.Body size is 4210 * 1560 * 1560.
In addition, baic to accumulative total output 450 ranked sixth, its only a prosperous 307 a pure electric logistics models.The vehicle dimensions for 4495/1636/1912 mm, wheelbase 2920 mm, limit reached 6.5 cubic meters of cargo space, carrying three yuan manganese acid lithium battery, a maximum speed of 70 km/h, working conditions range of 150 km, is suitable for urban ZhongDuanTu transport.At the end of September, Beijing new energy to the ground iron car rental in shenzhen signed 400 wei wang zhen 307 ev of pure electric vehicle logistics procurement agreement, the first delivery: 30.
Finally it is worth noting that along with the developing of pure electric car instead of fuel car logistics as a way of pollution control of the city has been brought to the attention of the government departments at all levels.Have accelerated in different car companies in the field of new energy logistics models to take market as soon as possible: main bus higer launched hagrid brand in the field of logistics vehicles, the vehicle high aspect respectively 4205/1685/1910 mm, wheelbase 2700 mm, with ternary lithium battery, a maximum speed of 80 km/h, range of 230 km or more;Logistics byd launched T3 pure electric car, meet delivery node to the end user's needs.T3 pure electric car logistics warehouse cargo space of 3.5 cubic load 0.8 tons, two kinds of ac or dc charging ways, only 1 hour and 5 minutes full, range is more than 250 km, technical parameters and performance indicators fully meet the demand of city logistics distribution actual;Wuzhou dragon auto group exhibited yesterday formally launched its 4 m and 6 m electric logistics models.Range can be more than 150 km, the use of the maximum power can reach the peak of permanent magnet synchronous motor 60 kw / 5000 RPM, maximum peak torque of 320 n. M.
In miit just released statistics show that the new energy automobile production in October of 50700 vehicles, including 19600 of pure electric commercial vehicles, accounting for almost 40% of the total.Believe that commercial vehicle logistics covered by car production will also have bigger growth.In addition to policy support, the government's attention and car companies is doomed to let we have added new energy logistics market quickly.


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