Charging pile release proportion subsidy rules or early next year at 40%

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National energy administration departments are currently under the state council "about to speed up the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure guidance" spirit, to lead to carry out the relevant charging pile support conditions.Several charging pile companies, he says, is the future possible for charging infrastructure subsidies, subsidies for the highest percentage is expected to reach 40%, charging station construction is expected to be highest subsidy of 3 million.The industry expected, subsidies rules is expected to be announced in early 2016.
Review: the recent national level of charging infrastructure positive policies introduced gradually.Prime minister li keqiang multiple instructions in state council executive meeting to speed up the charging infrastructure development, the state council recently issued "about to speed up the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure guidance", four ministries and commissions also recently issued "the electric vehicle charging infrastructure development guide (2015-2020)", means that over the next five years the electric car charging infrastructure top-level design has been completed.Charging equipment stocks can be appropriately concerned wanma shares, alter the newsletter 002227), ", zhongheng electric, etc.


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