Single layer graphene and hBN can be used in the fuel cell

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      Foreign web site reported: according to a new study at the university of Manchester, England before single atomic layer is considered to be impermeable graphene and cubic boron nitride (hBN) can penetrate through the proton.Researchers said the findings can be applied to manufacturing more efficient fuel cells and simplify the separation process of hydrogen. 
      The latest study has changed our understanding of some key performance graphene.Before that, it is considered that the graphene impermeable gas or liquid, even small molecules such as hydrogen need billions of years to through the graphene electron cloud, this is also the graphene as gas separation membrane so remarkable.
       The researchers found that single atomic layer of graphene and hBN under the condition of atmospheric pressure is proton permeability, so the hydrogen gas stripping out can be used, a startling discovery means that it can be used as proton exchange membrane.
        The researchers another harvest is the discovery of the material can be used to separate hydrogen from the damp environment.The hydrogen fuel cell is a very important challenge hydrogen production and purification of hydrogen.The comparison has the potential of hydrogen production technology is the use of artificial bionic photosynthetic hydrogen production using sunlight decomposition of water, like the other 2 d nanomaterials molybdenum disulfide was used as a catalyst in the hydrolysis solar hydrogen production system.And the researchers found that means possible future hydrogen film with fuel cells together, this will greatly reduce the cost of the hydrogen fuel cell technology.


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