Development History

The development course of human history closely related with the application of energy, along with the use of the first industrial revolution on coal, humans began to entered the industrial civilization era, in the exploitation and utilization of petroleum, natural gas, nuclear power, hydropower, solar, wind and other forms of energy.

In the 1970 s energy crisis triggered the depth of the human on energy thinking: no shortage of energy on earth, need more efficient conversion of energy, integrated technology!

Close to Dr China acquired company founder, focus on the study of human energy consumption. To China, Dr "water-based scientific theory" to get academician of the Chinese cosmetic pre-hospital dean zhang and professor li did with the support of the instructor. In addition, the concept of dynamic hydrogen electric get clear instructions of ministry of science and technology minister wan gang "hydrogen fuel cell will need to solve the problem of hydrogen source technology". His theory of "human energy cells" to deliver a speech at the annual meeting of the Chinese society for the study of sustainable development, deng nan, first secretary of the national science and technology commission and so on a number of scholars and experts praise. And puts forward the concept of "collect". Relying on the Nobel Prize winner George ora "methanol economy" theory, in order to "alcohol" as an energy carrier, the conversion of energy in the form.

When some form of energy rich, can turn it into "alcohol", when need to heat or energy such as electricity, will be "alcohol" into the corresponding energy again. Can the machine to do this, you need two categories: methanol machine (alcohol landscape aquatic material system) and alcoholize can machine (alcohol hydrogen electric).

In view of the existing methanol market has a large surplus of production capacity, rich source, close to both company decided to conquer "alcoholize can machine" technical difficulties, the corresponding machine manufacturing.

In 2002, Dr Water-based chemical experts to China "hydrogen" concept is put forward.

From 2002 to 2007, the China team in the world scope has carried on the thorough investigation, collecting first-hand information such as technology, market.

From 2008 to 2010, the scientific research team for the whole world to China's actual prototype and products inspection and communication. Including the United States, Britain, Canada, the Netherlands and other countries of the hydrogen domain correlation technology field investigation.

In January 2010, the China team takes the concept of alcohol water hydrogen into practice, and in March will be successfully the first hydrogen alcohol water machine developed principle prototype, kicked off the us vested in hydrogen energy industry rapid development.

In January 2011, the first generation of alcohol in the hydrogen machine research and development success, marking the Chinese mobile hydrogen production industry technical breakthrough for the first time. Machine USES water methanol reforming technology, developed by using the catalyst to achieve the water to the transformation of the hydrogen from the methanol.

In April 2012, Shanghai vested hydrogen machine co., LTD. Was set up, the registered capital of 3 million yuan. Committed to the mobile hydrogen production machine, environmental protection equipment research and development, production and sales.

On July 20, 2012, the global proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology leader Ballard company (Ballard Power Systems Inc.), vice President and chief technology officer (Christopter Guzy, Asian regional sales Alfed Dr Wong, such as a line to visit Shanghai in both research and development center, and to China, Dr Dr Guzy machine and its technical consultant Dr Shen Jianyue technical discussion and cooperation framework to discuss further.

In July 2013, member of Chinese academy of sciences dalian institute of physical chemistry garment bao lian lu store, nanjing normal university, professor, institute of China electronics technology group 18 Wang Jijiang professor, Shanghai institute of space power, a guo-xin li institute of examining the close enough both hydrogen machinery co., LTD Shanghai alcohol water generator project. Clothing such as bao lian academicians spoke highly of the Shanghai us both to innovation and development mode, and achieved fruitful results in the field of the hydrogen application.

In July 2013, the Shanghai company vested in dongguan to the introduction of support of the government, be born dongguan zhangmutou town. And established in the registered capital of 200 million, 10 million, guangdong together for a quick energy technology co., ltd. and guangdong energy state science and technology investment co., LTD., launched together for a quick communication base station of standby power supply, car charger industrialization production in the field of hydrogen fuel cells.

On September 12, 2013, Beijing new energy development promotion center, director of the cattle almost Ming for hydrogen machine co., LTD. Shanghai or both. Director of cattle and to the chairman of China further discusses the future development trend of new energy vehicles and future prospects, involution, director of the cattle have small generator and car perfect docking is full of confidence. Cattle, the director of high praise for us both to the r&d team of independent innovation, and constantly enterprising spirit. Will take to China chairman, said: -- "first-class scientific research, first-class brand, first-class team, first-class quality" as the strategic development goal of the next 30 years.

On October 12, 2013, led by Dr To China and have the technical team to visit Ballard company, with Ballard and determine the strategic cooperative partnership. This marks a vested to develop alcohol water generator at standby power market develops further, as the core component updates, fuel cells are badly in need of us both products industrialization production also began to kick off.

On August 8, 2014, the department of automotive engineering, tsinghua university professor pu-cheng pei (doctoral tutor, automotive power research institute) to us for a quick company in guangdong, and Dr To discuss hydrogen fuel cell in the development of China, and strongly praised us for a quick alcohol water hydrogen power technology direction, willing and quick development of alcohol with water hydrogen fuel cell applications in various industries.

In August 2014, the "east hubei hui jin textile co., LTD." the chairman Mr Wang Qihao under to introduce Dr., understand the development trend of China, the hydrogen fuel cell and a quick leading technology. Mr Wang Qihao business vision and national sense of mission, make its decision and quick development together, in the same period were invested in guangdong energy state company and guangdong for a quick. As of February 2015, Mr Wang Qihao accounted for 26% of us for a quick, 10% of the energy state company equity.

In November 2014, the board chairman of Hong Kong HongQiao capital He Xuechu, geely automobile holdings co., LTD. Yang Jian, vice chairman of the board, the sixth time to come to visit our company, business intention.

In December 2014, organized by dongguan city technology bureau convened and presided over by the guangdong together for a quick "portable hydrogen system of r&d and industrialization of project expert discussion meeting, participants: hosted by dongguan city technology bureau wu goodness, the panel: shenzhen wuzhou dragon auto co., LTD., vice general manager of Deng Xianquan, sun yat-sen university in Meng Yue Huang Yan li, south China normal university, nanjing university of technology. Every expert, said the project technology is advanced, the core technology to mature.

In February of 2015, China's space the new electric vehicle technology co., LTD., song always, li Lin, zhang and others to the company, with us for a quick high purity hydrogen production machine do technical communication, and further to reach a consensus.

As the company continuously developing new products, from rich hydrogen, pure hydrogen machine, alcohol water generator, such as system research, continuously improve performance, optimization index, made a series of scientific research achievements.

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