Aqueous Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Aqueous Hydrogen Fuel Cell is different from traditional hydrogen oxygen fuel cell, as it combines PEMFC and small hydrogen making machine together. Thus it has perfectly solved the fuel supply problems of PEMFC. It not only can act as generator to increase the mileage of electric vehicle, but also can directly be the power module of new energy vehicle.Otherwise, it can can be assembled to charging point which can be main supply by itself.
It has advantages such as small size, high performance, low price, high purity, zero pollution, stable performance, long running hours etc..


Aqueous Hydrogen +Vehicles means that aqueous hydrogen technology can be combined with all kinds of vehicles. Thus, there are new challenges and opportunities for the development of AUTO INDUSTRY.
A vehicle with an Aqueous Hydrogen Fuel Cell, has the endurance as combustion engine without any pollution, has the convenience as storage battery without charging, has the green power as hydrogen fuel cell without any hydrogen refueling problems.

Aqueous Hydrogen Charging Point is formed of intelligent management system and aqueous fuel cell modules. It is a kind of off-grid distributed power supply, which is out of control of the State Grid with no challenges as electric terminals and line capacity. At present, we have Aqueous Hydrogen Charging Point products with 30kW module and 60kW module.


Aqueous Hydrogen Mobile Charging Vehicle is an electric vehicle that can offer charging service for other EVs and can make sure their full charge in 1 hour. Aqueous Hydrogen Mobile Charging Vehicle is different from common charging vehicle for it’s small size, infinite charging ability, green design concept etc. with the application of aqueous hydrogen technology.


Aqueous Hydrogen Electric Vehicle is a kind of new energy electric vehicle by fueling methanol and water. As long as the fuel is enough, the vehicle will have infinite cruising ability. The vehicle has advantages such as low raw materials cost, long driving mileage, environmentally friendly etc..





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